• 1st Quarter

    Student Services   

    6th grade

    As I look around the hallways and pop into classrooms in the sixth grade house, I see many of our students doing a wonderful job assimilating to the expectations of middle school. That being said, here are a few tips that students can utilize for continued success throughout the school year.

    • Being organized is key. Continue to check Schoology for homework assignments and use your agenda to write down assignments and upcoming activities or appointments. Time management goes hand in hand with organization. Seeing what assignments you have to accomplish will help you to determine what you can do during your evening.
    • Take advantage of extra help opportunities within the building.  There are teachers available in the Learning Center throughout the day, and before and after school.  Success Lunch is a great way to get caught up on work or get a head start on assignments.
    • Ask questions. Advocate for yourself when you don’t know something.  This is the only way a teacher or parent can help you if you are unclear about a topic.
    • Be aware of what is going on in the classroom. A trick to follow is to remember the acronym SLANT: Sit Up, Look and Lean forward, Ask questions, Nod your head for understanding, Take notes and Talk with Teachers.


    After the first ten weeks of school, if you or your child still has questions regarding the transition to middle school, please call me at 407-9210 so we can discuss.


    – Mrs. Kara Elvin, 6th Grade School Counselor