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Community Service
Community service is an academic project supporting our 12th grade Social Studies curriculum.  It is an opportunity for students to become active citizens by developing an appreciation for the responsibility we all have as citizens to contribute to addressing societal problems.  Students will also have the opportunity to enhance their personal growth, build self-esteem and develop social skills.

At Clarence High School we believe it is important to teach our students to become contributing members of the community. With this in mind, it is a graduation requirement that all students complete 32 hours of service. A minimum of 16 of these hours must be worked during the senior year and come from the approved senior agency list. The remaining 16 hours may be underclass hours worked at any non-profit agency or event.  All forms and paperwork for community service must be submitted to the community service director by May 1.
Many of our students work hours far in excess of the minimum requirement. In recognition of their efforts, any senior who completes 100 hours, 50 of which must be senior list hours worked during the senior year, will be awarded the Distinguished Community Service Award at graduation.
Parents and students can view individual community service hours through the Parent Portal.  
Juniors may begin their senior hours on July 1, 2016. Hours worked before that date will not be credited as Senior. Only agencies and/or events on the Approved Senior List will be counted toward graduation.
NOTE: All forms must be originals, filled out completely and signed by an official employed by the agency.
Incoming 9th graders may begin after freshman orientation. Questions??? See the Community Service Coordinator Mr. Richard Brooks, room 226, 407-9020,