Clarence Middle School

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Mr. Robert Moore, Grade 8 House Principal
Mrs. Christine Tudor, Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Denise Englert, Secretary
House Office:         407-9205
House Office Fax:  407-9239
Attendance:           407-9209
Health Office:         407-9223 
Robert E. Moore, Grade 8 House Principal
       Robert Moore
            8th Grade House
Welcome to the 2016-2017 academic year. Everyone at the Middle School is recharged from the summer break and is anxious for school to start. All members of the school community are dedicated to providing a developmentally responsive atmosphere that acknowledges the differences that exist among the grade levels.
Our expectations of sixth graders differs from that of 8th graders. That being said, we expect all students will give their best effort each day, whether that results in a 75, 99, an A or a C. Not everyone will grasp a concept immediately. However, we believe that all students, with support from their teachers and grit and perseverance on their part, can achieve great things.

Parents who drive their Middle School students to and from school should be aware of changes being made to morning drop-off and afternoon pickup.  Parents will now be permitted to pull into the lane of traffic closest to the building and barred from the actual front parking area.  School buses have been relocated to allow this change.  Parents are asked to pull to the end of the sidewalk adjacent to the school to take full advantage of the space and to alleviate the back-ups that occur on Greiner Rd.  We feel this is a safer option than has been the case in the last few years.  Afternoon pick-up on the auditorium side of the building remains unchanged.  That being said, we ask that you use caution and patience when driving on our campus.  A child's life may depend on it.

Parents are reminded that students should never arrive to school before 7:30 a.m. If students arrive before 8:35 a.m., they should report directly to the north cafeteria.

As always, please feel free to contact the school regarding any aspect of our program.  Enjoy the Fall.