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Frequently Asked Questions


Quick Facts about the Clarence UPK Program
  • The UPK program is a federally funded program
  • Five days a week, 2½ hours per day, 180-day program that follows the District calendar
  • New York State funds 90 placements for Clarence School District
  • Morning and afternoon programs are available (per each provider)
  • Transportation is not provided
  • A developmentally appropriate curriculum focusing on early literacy and mathematics skills is the foundation of the program
  • Each provider has up to 18 students, a certified teacher and a classroom aide
  • Select centers offer “wrap-around” child care at family expense (contact the providers for further details)
  • Attendance for 2½ hours of UPK time is at no direct cost to families
  • A lottery process is used to randomly select students
  • Eligible students must be four years old by December 1 of the school year
What is the lottery process?
A lottery will be used to choose children for placement in the UPK program. Applications are selected at random; the first 90 will be placed with a provider based on the ranking on the application. Students will be placed with the first choice on the application as long as vacancies remain. If the first choice is at capacity, students will be placed with the second choice. If the second is full, they will be placed with third choice, and so on. Children not initially placed will be kept on a general waitlist, which will remain active until the end of the school year.
Can I attend the lottery?
Yes, the lottery is open to parents. The time and location will be updated on the website. Please note, space is limited.
How will I be notified?
You will receive a letter indicating placement or waitlist position after the drawing. Results will not be given by telephone or email. The letter will typically be mailed the afternoon of the drawing or the following morning. The placement letter must be returned by the due date indicated. We strictly adhere to all timelines, otherwise, the spot will be awarded to another student. 
Can my child be on a waitlist for [specific provider]? 
The waitlist is not site-specific. At any time during the school year, if any spot with any provider becomes available, it will be offered to the next person on the list. 
What paperwork am I required to provide?
If chosen to attend, we will need a completed district registration form (even if you've already completed one) and a copy of your child’s birth certificate. In some cases, proof of residency may also be required. The UPK provider will later need a completed physical form including your child’s immunization records. 
What if I have twins or triplets?
Unless you state differently on your application, if all children are selected to participate in the UPK program, we will attempt to match their placement with the same provider. If one is selected and the other(s) is not, we can only offer placement to the child selected.
What if my child receives CPSE services?
Every attempt will be made to accommodate your child’s service provider.
I missed the deadline, can I still apply?
We can add a child to the waitlist any time from the date of the lottery until the end of the school year. Please be advised this not a guarantee we will be able to offer placement in the program.
Although my child is age-appropriate to attend Kindergarten, I am not sending him/her this year. Will he/she be eligible to participate in the UPK program?
Unfortunately no. The UPK is a four-year old program.


If you have any other questions, please contact the Curriculum Department at 716-407-9109 or via email at