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Announcement of Grant Award



RE:                   Request for Proposal (RFP) - Teaching is the Core #SA-17 Award

LEA:                 Awarded to Erie 1 Boces for delivery to 10 component districts

Time Period:    September 1, 2014 – Jun 30, 2015



Erie 1 BOCES is pleased to inform us that it has successfully been awarded the Teaching is the Core (TitC) grant in the amount of $400,000 as the LEA for 10 participating school districts.


Clarence Central School District is one of the districts that has signed on to participate with Erie 1 BOCES and the professional development surrounding the analysis of district assessments used for instructional and APPR purposes.


Through participation in this grant we will receive professional development and funds to support our teachers in the evaluation, eliminating, modification, and creating of new assessments aligned to our instructional program.


The following plan is in place to address our participation in this grant:


TitC Clarence Central School District Action Plan for Assessment Development










Pre-grant prep activities - optional

If appropriate



October 2014

Create the Assessment

Review Committee

Superintendent or Designee (Instructional Leader)

Assessment Review Committee formed with appropriate membership

Oct 2014 – Nov 2014


District Assessment Review Committees determine classification of Assessments (modify, augment, eliminate, and/ or replace) and actions and priorities will be determined. 


District Review Committee

E1B PD Staff

List of assessments recommendations finalized



Oct 2014 – June 2015

Based on results of review, convene grade level/content area teachers with expertise in item writing, assessment design and analysis for assessment modification or creation teams


District Instructional Leader

Individual District Assessment writing teams are developed

Nov 2014– June 2015

Professional development will take place for the identified assessment areas under this grant:
1. Science

2. Mathematics

3. English Language Arts

4. Social Studies

5. LOTE (Languages Other than English)

E1B facilitated with District Instructional Leader

Assessments are designed during the school year


Nov 2014 – June 2015

Regional and District-specific professional development workshops are delivered on variety of assessment methods and Parent Engagement Programs

E1B PD Staff

District administrators and teachers reach capacity to effectively create and/or modify and/or choose assessments to high-quality standards

Feb 2015

APPR modified if assessments are changed and impact APPR


District Leader

Impact to APPR noted

May 2015 – June 2015

Parent Engagement Programs are finalized, scheduled and Assessment results are posted to district web site & shared with the TitC statewide consortium


Public Notification and supports are in place with the community

Total Number of Assessments Reviewed/Under Review


Number of Assessments Kept


Number of Assessments Eliminated


Number of Assessments Modified


Number of Assessments Created