• The Clarence High School community service program is an instructional program designed to support our Social Studies 12th grade curriculum.  It is specific to the academic needs of our program and is part of the larger Community Participation requirement for class.  This program gives students the opportunity to be directly involved in addressing societal problems.

    We at Clarence High School are always looking for new ways that our students can become involved in the community and enrich their Community Service experience.

    Interested agencies should complete the form found below for consideration. We will review your information in June and will contact you at that time if your agency is added to the list. The new Senior Agency List is published by July 1.

    In addition to our academic needs the following criteria must be satisfied:

    • All participating agencies must have 501-c-3 status and proof of their non-profit status.
    • The agency and/or event must be addressing the needs of the underprivileged, disadvantages, and marginalized in our community.
    • The agency and/or event must directly work to effect positive change to a defined societal problem above and beyond fundraising activities.
    • Students must be supervised at all times during their experience.
    • Activities and events organized by a second or third party agency will not be approved.
    • Students must be able to perform their required duties outside of school hours and within the requirements of NYS Labor Laws.
    • Students cannot earn hours as part of, or in conjunction with, internships, academic projects, or work responsibilities.
    • All agencies must have an official contact person to verify all student experiences.

    Please contact the Community Service Coordinator with any questions. Thank you for your interest.