• Q: Is it true that there are more choices available to students completing community service hours in grades 9-11 when compared to grade 12?

    A: Yes, seniors must complete a minimum of 16 hours from the Approved Senior Agency List.

    Q: Can students receive Community Service hours by participating in a CHS sports team, band or play?

    A: No, CHS organizations cannot grant Community Service hours for performance based activities. The CHS organization must perform a service that benefits the general school population. A limited amount of hours can be granted for participation in these activities during one’s high school career. Examples of these types of activities could include: volunteering at Freshman Orientation, Parent Open House, 8th grade Open House.)

    Q: Are there any time restrictions when applying for hours?

    A:  Hours must be submitted for verification during the school year in which they are completed.

    Q: Does it matter which form I use to submit my hours?

    A: Yes, there are separate forms for underclass students, and for seniors. In either case, ALL parts of the form must be completed.

    Q: Does it matter who verifies my hours?

    A: Yes, all verification forms must be signed by an “official” from the non-profit or school organization. Examples would include “Director of Volunteers at Roswell,” “Commissioner of Little League,” “Director of Religious Education”, “Church Pastor” etc. Any forms submitted without verification from the proper officials will not be counted. Forms must include specific contact information so that hours can be verified. Hours can not be verified by a relative even if the relative is an employee of an appropriate organization..
    Q: How can I earn the “Distinguished Community Service” award?

    A: Students may earn a “Distinguished Community Service Award” at graduation by completing at least 100 service hours during their high school career, of which 50 must be earned during the senior year from agencies on the “Approved Senior List.”
    Q: Can I wait until my senior year to complete all 32 of my service hours?

    A: Yes, but students are strongly advised to begin earning hours during their underclass years to enrich their high school experience.
    Q: How do I keep track of my hours?

    A: All completed, approved hours will be recorded in  Power School. Students may verify this total by logging-in to student portal in the same manner that they would to check grades. Please note that this number represents hours that have been verified and officially recorded. Periodic lists will be posted on the Community Service Bulletin Board– located opposite the Assistant Principal’s office.  If there is a problem or question it is the student's responsibility to talk to the community service coordinator.
    Q: What happens if I do not complete at least 32 service hours prior to May 1 of my senior year?

    A: Students who do not complete the Community Service requirement by May 1 of their senior year will not be able to purchase a prom ticket or attend prom. Students who have not completed their requirement one week prior to graduation day will not graduate, as community service is a graduation requirement.
    Q: How do I determine if an agency will be acceptable?

    A: Seniors must select agencies from the "Approved Senior Agency List".  Students must work directly at the agency or event location in order to earn hours. Planning and organizational meetings will not be credited. Students in grades 9-11 may volunteer at any non-profit agency. Students with questions should contact the Community Service Coordinator well in advance of the start date of the activity. The coordinator can advise you of whether or not  the agency meets the requirements.
    Q: I have already worked hours at an agency that has not been pre-approved. Can I receive credit for these hours?

    A: Students may submit  a request for verification of underclass hours to the Community Service Coordinator. If it is determined that the agency does not meet the specified requirements, students will not receive credit for any hours.  If it is determined that the agency meets the specified requirements, students will receive underclass credit.  Senior hours must come from the approved list.  This list is NOT updated during the academic year.  IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO ASK THE COMMUNITY SERVICE COORDINATOR BEFORE BEGINNING HOURS!
    Q: Why is there an "Approved Senior Agency List?"

    A: The "Approved Senior Agency List" was created to satisfy the 12th grade curriculum needs of the New York State Common Core curriculum.  As such the agencies and events on the list are there solely to provide our students with options in order to complete their in class assignments.  This list is reviewed and updated in June of each academic year.  NO CHANGES ARE MADE DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR.