• Reading Comprehension Strategies

    A Checklist to Help Children Understand What They Read

     Prereading:  BEFORE you started reading, did you...

    1. Set a purpose for reading?
    2. Think about what you already know?
    3. Look at the pictures and predict what the story is going to be about or what you will learn?
    4. Read the captions?
    5. Read the bold words?
    6. Read the table of contents?
    7. Read any summaries?
    8. Read the questions at the end of the chapter?
     During Reading:  WHILE you were reading, did you...
    1. Skip the word - is it one word that does not make sense?  Did you try skipping the word and reading to the end of the sentence or the paragraph?  Did you go back and try rereading the sentence if you knew what the word was?
    2. Reread the paragraph and look for new information?
    3. Keep a mental picture of what's happening in your head?
    4. Summarize - stop and think about the main points?

    After Reading:  After you finished reading, did you...

    1. Do a text check- was this text too hard, too easy, or just right?
    2. Reread the section, looking for new details?
    3. Develop questions - ask yourself about what you read
    4. Check your predictions - were you right?

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